How To Wash Human Hair Wigs

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body. Most of our attractiveness and style comes from the type, color and density of our hair. So it is one of the indispensable part of our looks and a complementary aspect of our dress code. Many of the dress selections are generally done based on the kind of hairstyle we are sporting. The wigs come into play in the dressing spheres of life when considering the fashion updates and harboring trend setting thoughts. The human hair wigs is the latest popular item on the shelves of major wig manufacturers and wig retailers of both offline and online sorts. The popularity of the wig is spreading like forest fire owing to the rising hair loss epidemic. The wigs are used by anybody and everybody facing a scalp condition or any clinical syndrome. Furthermore, people are also using these wigs as makeup materials for vigilance purpose, for characterization purpose in film & television industry and for styling purpose in fashion industry. The use of human hair is more widely held than its synthetic counterpart because of its natural feel and look. Though the price of human hair wigs is quite high still their demand do not subsides because of the comfort factor and other pertaining features.

Washing and keeping a human hair wig in perfect shape for a long time is quite a cost effective way to make the most out of a single wig. Since the human hair wigs are made from natural human hair follicle the treatment process for the same is quite similar to that we use for our real hair. For treatment of any new human hair wig or an old one, do not look around any further, instead just follow the following instructions for a safe washing and a conditioned upkeep.

1. Preparing for the process of washing a human hair wig is quite the necessity. Before the bath it is very essential to prepare the hair for it. The hair must be combed well with fingers and wide toothed comb to remove big tangles. Then a follow-up must be done with a hair roller and a hair brush to remove finer knots. Thereafter you will get a smooth unplaited human hair ready for a bath.

2. The washing must be done with very delicate maneuvers. The hair is need to be soaked in lukewarm water before application of soft and silky shampoo. The froth must be stroke with simple and slow strokes throughout the hair cap for overall spread. Then the hair needs to be washed with sprinklers.

3. The wet hair requires a healthy application of conditioner before drying off. This will avoid further occurrences of hair entangle messes and will also make the hairs well moisturized.

4. For drying, first the wig needs to be rubbed well with a dry towel followed by the solicitation of a steam blow dryer. This process will leave the hair stands buffy and healthy with a silky feel. Thereon you can style the hair using curlers, straighteners and color dyes.