Why People With Hair Loss Should Try Wigs or Hair Toppers

Hair loss can mean going completely bald, partially losing hair, or experiencing hair thinning. Whichever one, hair loss isn't a wanted state of appearance for most people, especially for those who value their hair. Hair can be a big part of your identity. However, nearly half of all women will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 50. The exact number of women who experience hair loss is not known, but the truth remains that losing hair can be a difficult experience.

Hair loss can result from different factors, such as age, genetics, to some medical conditions like alopecia. Women might be more emotionally affected by hair loss than men because from a young age, society has been taught that thick luscious hair is the hallmark of beauty, so losing hair can make us feel less than. Hair does not only play a role in how we project ourselves, but also in how we view ourselves and our overall self-image. That's why many women seek out hair replacement therapies and surgeries, which are mostly not affordable. Hair restoration surgery is costly and does not always guarantee your hair back. For women who are just starting to lose their hair, dropping so much cash on surgery is a big decision, especially as hair loss can be temporary. Luckily, there are less expensive alternatives that can give you back the hair volume you've been missing.

Hair toppers and wigs are a great way to add some oomph to your hair if you're experiencing hair loss. Wigs are preferable options for women who are experiencing total hair loss. Even better, they're easy to use, too. You can simply throw on your pre-styled wig, shake it out, and get on with your day.

People with hair loss may choose to wear a wig or hair topper, not just for the extra confidence, but for the most natural look and feel. Hair toppers play a vital role in adding volume to thin hair, and wigs play a unique role in giving an entirely new hair look. Many people who are experiencing hair loss never knew such was possible, but now you know! Hair toppers and wigs are important to many people, and here we will list the top reasons.

These are the top 3 reasons why people with hair loss wear wigs and hair toppers:

1. To build confidence

People who experience hair loss may be affected by it differently, but some reactions to it may be similar. Hair loss is often associated with depression, anxiety, frustration, and low self-esteem. If you wonder why hair loss can affect mood this way, remember that our outer appearance can often be linked to our feelings and self-confidence. The hair is one of the first things people notice about someone. No matter your age, people will always be interested in the way your hair looks.
Times have changed from when women have felt down about their hair loss; today, embracing wigs and toppers has become popular. Wearing a wig or topper can help to give you a full head of gorgeous hair. With complete or advanced hair loss, wigs can be worn to conceal hair loss and restore confidence. Many movie stars and models know and use this restorative secret. Knowing these secret remedies is one of the reasons why most movie stars appear unaffected by age or hair loss.
Presently, there is little to no difference between a wig and your hair. So whenever you step out of the door wearing your toppers or wigs, you can step out with confidence, beauty, and satisfaction. 

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2. Healthy hair

In many cases, hair loss can be temporary. This is because hair loss can be a result of stress, medical treatments, and weight loss. Hair tends to grow back to its original fullness once the underlying issue has been resolved. During this time, wigs can be of great help to wear while your own hair re-grows during this period. Wigs and toppers not only keep your hair out of the way during this time, but they also mean you don't have to wash your own hair as regularly and expose it to shampoos.
By wearing a wig or hair topper often, there is less need to style your own hair. This means that your hair is protected from the constant use of chemicals, straightening irons, and curling irons, which can reduce the quality of the hair you are re-growing. Using a wig or topper during this period will prevent your hair from getting frequently damaged, and you may find your natural hair grows longer, fuller, and healthier.
Giving your head a massage after you remove your wig can help to increase the amount of blood flow to your scalp and encourage stronger hair growth.
Wigs and toppers also protect your hair from the weather. For instance, wigs and toppers prevent ultra-violet rays of the sun from hitting directly onto your hair. This prevents further damage to fragile hair and helps keep it healthy.

3. Natural Appearance

With hair loss, especially partial hair loss, adding some texture and fullness to your hair with a topper or wig can give you a natural appearance. In this regard, a hair topper is an ideal choice because one of the benefits of hair toppers is that it conceals hair loss and adds instant fullness to the hair.

Many women are hesitant about wearing a wig or a topper, due to the worry that it will look obvious or fake. There is nothing to worry about when wearing a wig or topper, as these days, wigs and toppers look very natural and not fake at all. Hair toppers do not cover the entire head; instead, they blend into your existing hair without a noticeable difference. Since the hair toppers blend in with your own hair, they provide a relaxed and natural appearance.

In a nutshell, wigs and hair toppers have a very natural appearance, and they can be worn when your hair suffers any form of setback. Wigs are great and can also help people who have lost their hair due to cancer. Wigs and hair toppers are aesthetically pleasing, naturally important, and psychologically satisfying.